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Codar and the curse of the dragon's egg

Part Six

Codar may have known the way through the hidden tunnels, but there was no guarantee the passageways were still open. Plus, he’d waited years for this confrontation - he was not prepared to sneak through the castle like a rat. He wanted the King to know he was coming.

He marched up to the guards, shouting ahead demands to see the King. The guards reached out, ready to curse him as he approached.

“I advise you to stand down. I carry a weapon that would raze the Kingdom to the ground should you disturb it.”

The guards hesitated. Codar surprised himself at his confidence and pressed on. “Take me to the King before everyone suffers my wrath.”

The guards looked at each other before looking back and appraising him carefully. When they sensed no magic, they doubled over with laughter.

“This Prolet demands to see the King!” one gasps between laughs.

“Then the King he shall see,” the other laughed. “I can’t wait to see his punishment.”

Despite his apparent lack of power, the guards grabbed each of Codar’s arms and dragged him into the castle. Codar smiled. How easy all of this was, perhaps easier than sneaking in. 


The King was awake as the guards dragged him into the throne room. He looked frail for someone of barely two hundred years, but his face was alive with fury.


“Who are you to demand an audience from me? I should have demanded your execution on sight.”


The guards shoved Codar to the foot of the throne, forcing him to his knees as they did.


“My name is Codar. Son of Lord Mayhew.”


The King’s eyes widened, his face shifting from anger to shock to sadness.


“Ah. Lord Mayhew. I do not often regret my orders, but I regret your father’s fate. So much power wasted. Perhaps he could have found a solution to my ailment if he had lived.”


“You mean if you hadn’t had him executed.”


The King’s temper flared once more.


“Watch your tongue, Prolet. I pardoned you once. I will not give you a second chance.”


“You condemned me to die in the wilderness. And my mother. What did you do to her before you cast us out into the cold.”


The King stood and lunged for him. Codar sprang up and whipped the bag from his back. The egg was out and burning the room with its brightness before the guards could act. Codar grabbed the arm of the King and let the power of the egg flow through him and into the King. 


The King fell to his knees as the fire burned through him.


“A dragon’s egg holds great power. Used in potions and elixirs, it grants strength. But as raw, siphoned magic, it burns, King. Burns so deep and so long that those that take too much beg for death.”


The guards tried to pull Codar away, shrieking in pain as their palms burned. 


“But you won’t die. Not with dragon flame flowing through your veins. You shall live forever with this pain. Those that touch you will recoil from the torture of it. And you know what, I still think you deserve worse.”


The King cried out as the last of the egg’s power flowed into him. Codar slumped to the ground. As he slipped away, he wished he could have stayed long enough to see the King suffer. But, this was the price of borrowed magic, and one he was willing to pay.

The End

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