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What is The Readily?

Daily stories, directed by readers

Welcome to The Readily, an interactive storytelling community. Our mission is to promote regular reading, build a community around storytelling and introduce readers to new writers.


The Readily works by publishing a new story installments each week. A new story begins on Monday and readers have until a specified time to vote for what happens the next day. A new part of the story is published each day based on the most popular vote until the finale on Friday. With a fresh story crafted by readers every week, we hope to spark imagination and engage with readers in a new way.


Join us and other readers on this journey, and let's explore a host of fictional worlds together.

So what are you waiting for? Join the adventure!

Image by Nong

About the creator

Hey there! My name is Zoë, and I created The Readily. I've been writing 

since I could hold a pen and, after a long break from the writing life,

I decided to build this site. 

I created this site to provide a space away from the overwhelm of

social media and other reading sites. Here, you have a weekly story to escape into and engage with for a few minutes. The idea is to provide short reading sprints to support those with busy schedules, making it easy to build regular reading habits. The interactive element is a fun bonus, allowing you to direct the story as it progresses throughout the week. Of course, avid readers are welcome, and there is a back catalogue of stories for those who want more!

The Readily is open for authors to submit ideas for future stories. One of the core objectives of the site is to spotlight writers, both new and experienced, in a space that isn't saturated with thousands of other writers! Please get in touch if you'd like to submit a story!


Share on your socials! Sharing can help a lot in boosting this site and reaching more readers.  Also, if you are following me on Threads, Instagram or Facebook - sharing or liking posts really helps my visibility!

Vote! This gives the site a boost (and makes us all do a happy dance!)

Buy some merch! If you, or someone you love, likes a bookish tee, tote or mug, you can find some book-themed merchandise in the shop. These are designed by me and printed to order by Teemill. This company provides soft, sustainable and organic materials, is based in the UK and is 100% renewable energy powered. 

Support via popping a tip in your shopping basket or via our voluntary subscription (£1 a month). These options are a way to show your support if you have the means to spare some change. If there is a growing appetite for extra content over time, we'll look to set up more subscriber options to access extra content!

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