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Is reading a lone activity?

So when I started thinking about The Readily, I was excited about the concept but wondered how it would work in practice. After all, I personally enjoy curling up with a book with no distractions. I'm getting lost in a whole new world, there's nothing like the dog ringing the bell to go outside or a family member asking where something is to pull me straight back out. But, does that mean my reading experience is, and should be, solitary?

I would argue no. Since re-entering the world of social media after a long break, I discovered a fantastic bookish community on multiple social sites and, honestly, it was exciting to talk about books with others (I'm not surrounded by that many bookish people in real life). But sometimes there is too much content, too many politics and arguments. I just want to read and talk about how fun reading is.

So this is that place. A place for me to create, for you to be involved in that creation and for us all to join the conversation about these stories and any others that the community would like to talk about. The community element of the site will be running soon along with the first short story. I'm really looking forward to launching and seeing this community grow!

In case you can't wait for launch day (31st July) - this is how The Readily will work:

  1. I post part of a story (around 100 words) each weekday.

  2. On Friday, voting will open and readers choose what happens next

  3. Voting will close on Sunday and the next instalment will begin on Monday based on the most popular vote

  4. Stories will run monthly with some completed stories stored for you to read later.

Don't forget to subscribe for alerts and other info (see home page) and see you on the 31st!

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